History of Smith Chapel 

Jesse and Lucina Smith moved here from New York State in 1854 and gave their life’s work to the church. Mr. Smith was born in Maidstone, England and was 18 years old when he came to America. He was a carpenter by trade and helped to build several churches in New York. The Smiths and other faithful members were untiring workers.

The original trustees paid $52.50 for the one and one-half acres upon which this chapel stands. The deed is dated

April 1, 1890. A year later, another half acre was purchased for the cemetery.

On May 23, 1890, the chapel cornerstone was laid. After the ceremonies, the men went to work. From this small beginning, Smith Chapel began and continued to this day.

The church was the center of life at that time. Families had ten to fifteen children. Services were usually three hours long with half-hour prayers. People, having traveled considerable distances (and with some difficulty), would have felt cheated if worship time had been shorter.

At the dedication in 1893, the first pulpit Bible was donated. There was a hitching post at the rear of the churchyard, and horses were watered at the spring at the foot of the hill. If you brought a horse today, we apologize, but the spring is long gone.

We consider it a privilege to have you worship with us today at this historic site. We hope you feel at home here. If you live nearby, we extend a hearty invitation for you to adopt us as your church family.